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    Anisha Holden received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Hampton University (2011), followed by a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling Psychology with a certification in the Contemporary Theories of Mental Health Services (2017). She began practicing in 2016 at a non-profit facility that serviced various ethnicities/nationalities, ages, genders, ability, education, socioeconomic statuses and life stages. Anisha worked with clients experiencing a range of issues from depression and anxiety to life transition, marital issues, and parenting problems. Anisha has been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Nurturing Parenting, Anger Management (under Anita Avedian), and several other modalities.

    Anisha is a collaborative therapist that utilizes several different therapy models to tailor treatment to the individual client’s needs. She believes in having a diverse approach to therapy because individuals house a wealth of diversity within them. She strives to treat client’s as a “whole” person and not just as a list of problems, which is why there is a drive to continue education in various other topics such as nutrition and neuroscience. Anisha cultivates a safe, conversational space for clients to share their experiences allowing for the therapy process to be warm and welcoming instead of cold and clinical.

    Although, Anisha is passionate about being of service to as many people as possible, her goal is to equip clients with the ability to eventually empower and govern themselves without being ever present in their lives. So if you are in a place where it is crucial for you to be seen/heard while being supported toward your desired outcome, please reach out today.


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